How to check the slot machines in online casino

How to check the slot machines in online casino

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How to check the slot machines in online casino

Before you start betting and playing online casino real money, customers can independently check the slot machines on the following parameters:

  1. Honesty
  2. return on investment.

It is important to make sure in advance that the site casino online presents honestly working slots without scripts that alter the results in favor of the administration of the institution. And the fact that the slot machines are initially set up with a high percentage of returns to the players, which means that the chances of winning on them are quite high.

Manufacturers of slot machine software in online casino

Honest slot machines are tested and certified gaming software developed by well-known software companies with a high reputation among professionals in the gaming industry for casino.

Slot machines of such producers always operate in the online casino only under license from the developer and only on his server hardware. This means that the software for the virtual slot machines runs on the servers of the provider. And neither casino, nor customers, no one else has the technical ability to interfere with the algorithm and game mechanics of the slot and somehow determine the outcome of the game.

How to check the operation of the slot in online casino yourself

To make sure that the slot is running on the provider’s server, you can look at the code of the page in your browser. If the code of the page containing the slot shows the server address that corresponds to the name of the provider of the slot, it is an honest slot machine on the site of a bona fide license online casino real money . For example, slot machines from companies such as


Yggdrasil Gaming,





work on servers with addresses containing brands of manufacturers.

If, however, the user sees unfamiliar addresses, it is a reason to doubt the bona fides casino online, but if the slot runs on the domain of the casino, it is 100% deceptive script software and this slot machine is controlled by casino administrators online.

How to find out the most giving slot machines in casino online

Online slots with the highest rate of return, the gamblers commonly referred to as the most giving. Often in reviews players can be found subjective opinions and value judgments based only on their own personal experience of playing at certain slots. This is not enough for a fair assessment and correct choice of the most giving slot machines in casino online.

For a comparative analysis of slot machines and predict the potential winnings you need to use the objective technical characteristics of the slots.

A key evaluation criterion is the RTP (return to player) – the rate of return on bets made in the machine players in the form of cash winnings in online casino real money .

Good gambling machines are considered slots with RTP above 95%. This means that players will receive winnings in the amount of at least 95% of all money paid into the slot machine as bets in the casino online casino. Who exactly and what amounts will win is determined by the slot’s software, which is based on a random number generator. Yes, the winnings are distributed randomly, but the very possibility of winning is programmed into the slot algorithm, as well as the total prize pool.

Information about the RTP ratio of any licensed slot can be found in its description, or in the rules of use in the casino.

Who has already checked the slot machines in online casino real money

Most licensed slots and bona fide gambling sites are tested and certified by recognized international auditing companies, such as eCogra, TST, iTechLabs, NMi.

If the games in the online casino real money have been checked by these auditors, the casino customers may not doubt the fairness of the game and that the interests of the players are not violated in any way.

For example, the auditors check the fairness of the payout percentage for players in the casino online, whether the winnings are determined purely by chance and depend entirely on the player’s luck, whether the algorithm complies with fair gaming standards and many more parameters.

Having an audit certificate for both individual slot machines and the entire gambling establishment is a solid guarantee of honesty and high standards of customer service. It should be remembered that casino audits are conducted regularly.

You can find the certificate of a recent audit on the website of the casino by clicking on the active link to the website of the auditing organization.

Legitimacy and integrity of the site where the slot machines are located

To finally eliminate the possibility of fraud and make sure that the worthy characteristics of slots, you need to check on what grounds is the playground.

Gambling license determines the legal status of online casino. Online casino, working on the basis of a license, are legal and controlled by the inspection organizations commercial activity.

Licensed casino have no right to place unlicensed slots on their sites. This alone already rules out the use of fraudulent scripted games. Also, licensed and certified gambling cannot be conducted by rules and algorithms that infringe upon a customer’s right to honestly try their luck and, if they are lucky, receive their winnings.

On the basis of which license the online casino real money works, the institution should inform on its website. It should be noted that it should not be just information about the license and only a scan of the approval document. In casino online casino should also be an active link to the website of the organization that issued the license, so the casino customer can check the authenticity of the document.

Using a few simple ways to check the slot machines, the client of the online casino can choose honest and the most winning slots in bona fide gambling establishments.